List of known illnesses, their effects, and links to their cures.

Sickness Effect Cure
Colic x Bitterroot
Common Cold x Purple Coneflower
Broken Bones x Locoweed
Bronchitis x Osha
Deficient Magic x Glowing Leaf
Dysentery x Acacia Seeds
Eczema x Burdock
Eye Strain x Baneberry
Fairy Sickness x Glowing Mushroom
Flu x Elderberries
Fungal Infection x Ganianka Bark
Gallbladder Inflammation x White Turtlehead
Headache x Willow Leaf
Intestinal Worms x Pomegranate Root
Lung Ailments x Sycamore Leaf
Lung Inflammation x Swamp Milkweed
Mage Exhaustion x Glowing Berries
Memory Loss x Sage
Mild Fever x Baobab Bark
Minor Wound x Yarrow
Moonbeam Illness x Solar Flower
Muscle Ache x Arnica Flower
Nerve Disease x Hibiscus
Severe Toothache x Klotzsch
Skin Inflammation x Coriander
Sunbeam Illness x Glowing Moon Flower
Swollen Joints x Plantain
Toxic Blood x Azadiraltha Indicaeaves
Ulcers x Cola Cordifolia Bark
Urinary Infection x Water Plantain

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