• Aryllia

    Information by ClanStaff in the thread Alpha Testing and You

    Here's a little cheat sheet for you while we're moving into alpha:

    • The Territory Game is where you obtain craftable items, herbs, prey, and water.
    • Backgrounds are crafted through the Crafting tab.
    • Accessories/Decorations are obtained through Territory Game battling (called Clan Loot).
    • Familiars are earned, randomly, through the territory game.
    • The major species Vistas can be found in the Stalls and require ClanDust , the currency of Single Player Mode .
    • The species dyes can be found in the Shops, and require StarDust , the currency of MultiPlayer Mode .
    • The marketplace will be open for you to submit dyes and accessories and experiment with buying the dyes and accessories of other player…
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